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Aquarian Palmistry

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long session with handprints 90 min - 45 euro
short session live reading 45 min - 25 euro


Handwashing & Handreading

After a clearvision of ancient cuneiform language but unable to decipher, I had the intention to learn a language I couldn't possible recognise from anything I knew in this life. By lack of cuneiform workshops I picked up handreading as a language with Joyce van Nispen in Amsterdam in 2015. I explored mobile spa during my stay in New York with my spa sister Athena, washing hands at music gatherings and in the subway as buskers. Combining handwashing and handreading, I use the cleansing ritual of water to support the transformation within oneself when dealing with contradictions. I offer handreading sessions around medicine ceremonies to bring out the tools in anyone to deal with the mind while opening the heart.

Handreading around Medicine Ceremonies

I offer a mirror, a portrait, a map of your qualities and pitfalls in the present moment. The future is up to you. I read your patterns and lines. Patterns can both create liberty and create stagnation. Patterns are fixed but lines can change when you change your patterns.
Traditions working with teacher plants in medicine ceremonies offer a responsible way to work on change of your behaviour patterns. The journey of opening the heart with the medicine challenges the mind. Perception changes and the mental structure otherwise so useful to categorise experiences dissolves.
Having a map in preparation for medicine ceremony helps to deal with the mind at critical moments in the journey. When journeying knowing the names of junctions and destinations can be very practical. In a palmreading session you do not hear anything new about yourself. This map does not show you anything you did not already know yourself. It can be a helpful preparation for a medicine journey to hear a perfect stranger describe your obstacles and give suggestions how to overcome them with your own tools.
I have been offering the service of washing and reading hands at the intimate New Dionysian Festival.

Your Personal Mythology

Since ancient times the bathhouse is known as a meeting place. Bringing spa to theatres and festivals is a wellness performance. In one on one storytelling interactions I would like to bring one’s personal mythology to the surface. My proposal is to wash your hands. You can do it yourself, but let me do it for you. I would love to wash your hands. It gives me a perfect reason to touch you and you can allow yourself to be touched. We communicate via the skin. We meet in water. Water is an element that can transform and allows for transformation upon interaction. The word for Aquarius in India is Kumbam. This also is the word for the pot I use to bring my water.
This is a mini meeting place. During the meeting in the intimate mini spa I will invite you into the water, treat your hands with homemade scrub and treat them with nourishing oils after I’ve dried them. Before this last step I will have asked you if you want me to tell you what I see when I look at your hands. They show a portrait of you. If you say yes, I will take a minute to observe the lines and patterns. The fingers and the landscape of the palm are named after the protagonists in Roman mythology; Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, etc. In order for these characters to become a protagonist, they undergo a transformation. The way the lines appear in the hand tell about the qualities of these protagonists in your character. If you ask me about it I will tell you about this mythology as I understand it. If you prefer, we communicate in silence.
When I talk about your hands, it is storytelling of a story you already know very well. I look for contradictions, how your pitfalls and your qualities coexist. You are the main character of your story. The patterns in your hand are fixed, the lines change if you alter the patterns of your behaviour. The key to transformation is to recognise patterns. You can direct your play.
If you ask me how I came about this practice, I will reply that I wanted to learn a language I could not possible recognise visually or compare to anything I know. I looked around for classes in cuneiform, the Babylonian clay tablet script. By lack of such a course I stumbled upon palmreading. I'm dealing with a language indeed as it turned out learning it; lists of meanings, reading between the lines and making synopsis. The well known story clay tablets have carried along is the Gilgamesh Epic. This story tells us about the qualities and pitfalls of Gilgamesh. And it tells us about the way to become immortal. Gilgamesh was challenged to stay awake, so that he would come immortal. He failed, he fell a sleep. As I am telling you this story now, that is the way he became immortal. He became a protagonist.
When our interaction is complete, we thank each other and we will dispose the water with traces of you.