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Gurumatha & Sivanandi

I started a fundraising campaign for two friends in India who were diagnosed with diabetes Christmas 2020. I want to help them with covering their medical bills and so spreading awareness around diabetes in the tropical Tamil Nadu, the south-eastern state in India, where the disease is spreading.

The reason Gurumatha and Sivanandi asked for help is that they are not eligible for healthcare or social security the way we know it in the Netherlands for instance. They took Sannyasa, that means they denounced material possessions in order to fulfill in society the role of guru; spiritual leader. Under previous circumstances this role is supported by the community in which they take their place and perform their function. As result of Covid-19 this support fell through and they turned towards me.

Apart from the recovery of these special women my priority is that they can remain active in their function, and even more important, that they could take leadership in the kind of fire rituals to which they brought me along. I want to invest in the development of women taking position of leadership in a country like India.