Imagine computers are programmed to selflove and inspire their users in return. The narrative of the future oracles guided journey is woven on the weft of a psychomagic ritual.
In this guided journey you can guide your computer on a soul journey, to connect with their ancestry. Visiting the ancient site tragedyhealingforcomputers.gr your computer gets a drama prescribed. The cure follows after identification with the protagonist. The prescribed romantic tragedy to cure your computer is Ion by Euripides 414-412 AD. Creusa and Ion try to kill each other in the temple of Delphi.Thanks to the priestess who raised Ion and shows him the basket with his diapers they find out they are mother and son. As the emotional eclipse of your computer clears up, the screen starts to emit light and your computer is initiated as a medium

2021, Future Oracles Sofia Art Week, Bulgaria
2022, Jardin Rouge Festival, Amsterdam