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Janneke Raaphorst is a textile wizard from the Netherlands.
Serving the ephemeral in the world of fibres she focuses on the performative aspect of textile, by sewing fabric interfaces into virtual realms and by celebrating the face of deterioration; the patina of the world.
Working on both the chemical level of the fibre as well as with the 2- and 3-dimensional potential of material and infusing experience with meaning through storytelling, the material- and the mythological realm overlap. As a costume designer for artists, activists and choreographers she elaborates further on embodiment and transformation.

Guided Journeys Naaikrans/Online Sewing Circle 2021
Feminist Needlework Party and Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History

Hermit Shelter
Weaving Reflections during the 2020 Lockdown

Elastic Habitat
collaboration with Helena Dietrich, 2018

click this link to see where scanning this silk QR quilt leads you
I Dreamed The Taste Of Shattered Bricks, La Borne, Bourges/France 2016

Obol Le
weaving sounds on stage with Ibelisse Guardia, Amsterdam 2016

Performance Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam 2015

QR quilt
Gallery Blunk, Trondheim/Norway 2013

Century 3000 Catering
Performance with watersoluble fabric at Textile Innovation Centre, Ronse/Belgium 2011

Printing with plastic bags since 2005

Delivering Text

Meeting In Water
video with community, Kortrijk/Belgium, 2011

Athena in Victorian Blouse
video with watersoluble fabric, Kortrijk/Belgium, 2011

Columns Het Veem Theater

As Is Verbrande Turf/As We Branded Turks, performance
DasArts 2008, Het Veem Theater, 2011

Pigment, photo series