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Janneke Raaphorst, Terneuzen 1981, works with text and textile in context. On one hand her performances are infiltrations in social situations, when she inserts her own text or textile. On the other hand she works with a woven structure of a narrative the same way she treats the woven structure of a textile fabric, to tell a story.

Her specific interest lies in the performativity of textile. A physical understanding of a text can be achieved reading it out loud, a text comes to live by experiencing the sound of the words. Can textile be performed similarly? Can textile come to live by experiencing the patterns out loud? In her performance Cover/Story flying carpets offer insights into this matter.

In 2009 she completed the master of performance art DasArts in Amsterdam. As a costume designer she collaborates with visual artists, choreographers and activists like The Yes Men and Greenpeace. Since 2011 she hosts feedback sessions in Het Veem Theater. She contributed with written texts and performative lectures on different occasions in art and theatre.

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